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My name is Reiko Hirata (日本語:平田礼子), a graphic and motion designer with a strong passion for letterforms.


I’m specialized in on-air graphics, show package, ad sales materials, TV spot, poster, logo, and hand lettering.

*I also got the online showcase of my hand lettering projects >> Letter or Die


I’ve been a Japanese expat since 1999, currently based in Milan, Italy,

where I graduated with honours from Istituto Europeo di Design in 2006, major in Graphic Design.


I stand where I am now by taking a long winding road:

Born and raised in Nishinomiya, Japan (a city between Osaka and Kobe), I've always been interested in commercial art field. When I was a kid, I dreamed of being a comic artist.

Unfortunately, art was not considered a profession to pursue in my family, thus I got lost: I had no clue what I wanted to do for living.


I ended up with working as an administrative assistant for a big pharmaceutical company for six years. It was a financially stable position with tons of benefits, however, it never made me happy.

During this period, eventually my revel spirit arose to start on my own path.

I am grateful to this experience for letting me realize the wonderfulness of making a living by doing what you really love, and for making it possible to save up to move on.


As soon as I quit my job, I packed up my stuff and moved abroad to study animation and graphic design. There has been big ups and downs on the way, but I’ve had no regret on my decision whatsoever.


I've lived in three different countries/continents so far - Japan, Los Angeles, USA, and Milan, Italy. Absorbing three diverse cultures, realizing my ignorances, letting my curiosity continue to grow, I keep on learning something new.

After thirteen years of living in Italy, now I’m considering to move somewhere else. I’m quite curious what is coming next!


When I’m not working on projects, I enjoy:

doodling, lettering, learning new languages, watching stand-ups, Netflix, spending quality time with my family, or dreaming big.

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